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Heroes Online World Codes [Sabrina] Updated

Amelia Isla



heroes online world

Heroes online world is an extremely popular multiplayer Roblox game developed by HEROES Unlimited. It was officially released on 6 January, 2023 and since then, has proved to be an absolute buster with a large number of users enjoying it. We can be nearly sure for it to continue on for the upcoming years.

In this game you can choose your favourite superhero from the multi universe of heroes and take them along on an adventure. You can upgrade your character going forward, give them abilities and weapons to make them even stronger and go on fights against your friends! 

Heroes Online World Codes

Here is what we promised you, the full list of active codes that you can use anytime to get your hand some epic free gifts. Make sure to enter these codes in the exact same way to avoid issues while redeeming them. 

  • TWIRLS : Redeem code for Coins (Added on September 18TH, 2023)
  • SORRYGIRL : Redeem code for Coins (Added on September 10th, 2023)
  • SABRINABAG : Redeem code for Coins (Added on September 8th, 2023)
  • HUGS : Redeem code for Coins (Added on September 2nd, 2023)
  • TSUNAMI : Redeem code for Coins (Added on August 6th, 2023)
  • WITCHBAG : Redeem code for Coins (Added on July 30th, 2023)
  • SORRYGWEN : Redeem code for Coins (Added on July 24th, 2023)
  • DRINKWATER : Redeem code for Coins (Added on July 17th, 2023)
  • STACKED : Redeem code for Coins (Added on July 8th, 2023)
  • SHEEP : Redeem code for Coins (Added on July 2nd, 2023)
  • SUMMERTIME : Redeem code for Coins

Be free to hit us up in case you find any of the codes to be missing or not working. 

How To Redeem Heroes Online World Codes?

No doubt that these codes will be utterly useless if you don’t know how to redeem them. Luckily redeeming these codes is not a problem. All you need to do is follow all the steps below to get access to all the free gifts.

  1. Launch the Heroes: Online World on your device.
  2. Look for the gift button in the lower right corner of the game screen.
  3. Click the icon. Enter the code that you want to use into the empty box that appears in front of you.
  4. Press ‘Enter’ to redeem the rewards.
  5. Enjoy your rewards!

Be sure to use these codes timely to avail the gifts because they expire after a while!

In-game codes can be a huge help for the smooth progress of the game and people surely love to get their hands on them. We hope that the codes we provided you will give you absolute joy and a helping hand. Just be sure to use the correct redemption methods and make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. 


Here are some of the questions that people ask from time to time, so let us clear them out for you.

What are these codes?

The Heroes world online codes are specific freebies provided by the game developer to celebrate some special in-game events such as new characters joining the game.

What does these codes do?

These codes are absolutely free and can be used in-game to get your hands on some pretty awesome items, boosts or even in-game coins.

Do the Heroes: World Online codes keeping changing?

Yes, with time some of the older codes expire and newer ones are added to the game. So, we recommend that you use these codes before they expire.

We regularly update our website for newer codes. If you are an avid gamer and would love to keep yourself updated about newer codes and gifts to come, then be sure to regularly check our website for more updates.  

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